Trex Transcend in Orem Utah

Our latest project is a Trex Transcend deck, Spiced Rum and with a Vintage Lantern border and trim. This deck is special because it contains built in planters, a bench and hot tub area. The owner [...]

Trex Gate Adjustment

The following video and written instructions below will help you maintain your Trex gate over its life. Over time with normal use and wear, gates will need to be adjusted. Our patent pending [...]

Problem Vinyl Fencing

Occasionally, we are asked if we install vinyl fencing. We do not – we specialize in wood, Trex, and iron. During the 1990’s when demand for vinyl fencing exploded in Utah, our [...]

Trex Decking Materials

Trex decking products are all top of the line systems for your backyard and home. What makes them so unique? For this post, we’re going to consider the differences and strengths that each [...]

Custom Deck in Provo, Utah

Custom Deck in Provo, Utah our company. It’s exciting to work with the customer to create something unique. Built in North Provo, this Trex Transcend deck utilizes some of our favorite [...]

Choosing your Materials

In order to install the perfect deck you need to decide what materials you are going to work with. Here are two major factors to keep in mind as you’re selecting your materials: 1. How [...]

DIY Blog Series

This week we’re rolling out a DIY series that will cover everything you need to install your deck. Here are just a sampling of the topics that we will cover. Choosing Materials Railing [...]

Home Values

Making small modifications in the house can add to big value. Every time a new and useful structure is added to the house, the house becomes more worth living. Decks and patios serve this exact [...]