Other Trex Items Available

Trex® Composite fencing is a very malleable material. We can offer many ancillary options to go with your project and will match your Trex® fence or Trex® deck or railing project. We have in the [...]

Sprinkler Systems

Property owners who are planning their landscaping are well-served to consider the fence line location compared to the sprinkler line location. Whether working with a landscaper or Do-it-yourself [...]

CFC Standards for a Cedar Fence

If you are thinking of installing a cedar fence – here are some things that set CFC apart from the competition. CFC buys directly from North Western (Milled in the USA) mills – and can pass that [...]

Step vs Slope

Step vs Slope Installing a fence yourself or having it installed by a contractor is a large project.  There are many decisions to make from layout and height, to color.  If your fence is going on [...]

Staining Your Cedar Fence

Whether or not you stain your Cedar fence ultimately is a personal preference. Many HOA’s require Cedar and Wood fences are painted or stained.  In those cases there is usually a requirement for [...]

Fence Considerations: Dog Owners

Dog Fencing and Escape Artists There are many extremely agile and athletic and dog breeds that one might attempt to contain like the American Pit Bull Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, [...]

Know Your Options – Dog Ear Cedar Fence

CFC Fences and Decks offers many options fence options ranging from wood to composite, iron and faux rock. In this seven part series, we will explore the attributes, warranty, cost effectiveness, [...]

Don’t Forget Blue Stakes

An essential part of any fence building project is requesting for all utilities to be marked. If CFC Fences & Decks is your fence contractor, we will be sure to request for the Blue Stakes [...]

Fence Installation Process

Not only does CFC Fences & Decks have materials available for do-it-yourselfers, but there is also an entire install team dedicated to fence and deck installations. Because fences and decks [...]

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