Winter Installations

As the weather turns colder, it’s easy to turn our attention away from the outdoors. We spend less time in our yards and let some of our projects linger. But your fence doesn’t need to be one of [...]

The Final Walk-Through

The Final Walk-Through On the day the fence is completed, if it is possible, we request the customer meet again with the crew chief and conduct a final walk-through of their fencing project. [...]

The Initial Walk-Through

On the date scheduled to begin your fencing project it is requested you take time to meet with the chief of the installation crew. There are several important reasons for the initial [...]

Property Lines

Planning your yard, Fencing—Property Corners and Lines Property owners who are planning their landscaping are well-served to consider the fence line location compared to the respective property [...]

Mow Strip Details and Recommendations

If you are considering a mow strip under your fence there are some things that you need to be aware of, and that we would recommend. How wide and deep do you want the mow strip – depending [...]

Preparing for Installation

Fence Project Preparations Checklist There are many things to consider when building a fence. Once you are contracted to have your fence built by CFC Fences and Decks, you will receive a Fence [...]

Dispatching Crews

When we set the schedule with a customer we request they be available when the crews show up to conduct an initial walk-through with the crew chief to determine fence line, corners and post [...]

Cedar Fencing Sections and Footers

We often come across a Cedar fencing project that requires the removal and disposal of the previously existing Cedar or chain link or vinyl fence. These fence posts that already exist will need [...]

Blue Stakes and Utilities

Before a fence crew comes out to begin digging post holes and begin installing a fence, by law Blue Stakes must be contacted to mark any existing utility lines. Blue Stakes is an organization [...]

Fence Installation Preparation

Fence Prep Checklist There are always multiple things to be aware of when doing home improvement projects around your home, namely fences and decks. CFC Fences & Decks has come up with a [...]

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