Custom Style Fence Considerations

Things to Consider When Thinking About a Custom Style Fence:

There many options for a home owner to consider when opting for a custom style fence with a lattice top or a more open style of fence. Our website can help with the decision process if you go to our custom fence gallery.

  • If considering the Trex product there is an option to use a Trex baluster (that is typically used for deck railing) to install a semi private or open fence style. These styles of (open or semi private) fences can be done in a vertical look or a window pane look.
  • If you are considering a wood (cedar) fence that has an open look or is semi private, we a very pliable with lumber products – and use only cedar – and we can rip a slat to the dimension you choose or use a 2×2 (railing) baluster. Again look at our custom gallery on our website for ideas.
  • There a few add-on’s to a custom project that you may want to consider – A trellis, arbor (on the walk gates), or a colonnade. Just let our estimator know and they would be happy to price anything (that you may want) out for you.

There are many things that you need to consider when looking at a custom style fence (open or semi private), whether it’s Trex or cedar.

  • Custom style fences are tedious and time consuming to build. Will it fit into the budget I have for my fence project?
  • Do I want (need) privacy in certain areas of the project?
  • And most important what style am I looking for – and what kind of aesthetics am I looking for in my yard?

If you have a fence style in mind that you have seen on a website – please print a copy of that style, so we can bid the project properly – and also advise you properly. There are some styles of lattice that the box stores stock that are cheap – and therefore not very long lasting. CFC will advise you on the different product that are available, there costs, and there longevity. We have installed numerous custom fence projects, and understand the costs and what goes into the installation process to give you a good looking and long lasting product – that is bid properly.

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