There are a lot of questions when it comes to installing a fence. Look over some of our most frequently asked questions for the answers to our customer’s most common concerns. Couldn’t find the answer here? Contact us and one of our qualified professionals will get with you quickly.


Do you offer free on-site estimates and consultation?

Yes, we offer free estimates. Click here to request a bid or call our offices: Utah County: 801-374-6428; Salt Lake County: 801-990-6888.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We are happy to provide proof of insurance, and you are welcome to verify our installation license #376020-5501 on the State of Utah’s Department of Occupational & Professional Licensing:


How long will my fence last?

Longevity of a fence depends on the type of material selected, proper installation, care and maintenance, and in some cases environmental factors including sun, water, and wind exposure. Assuming normal environmental conditions and sufficient care & maintenance, typical longevity is: Trex: 25+ years Cedar: with 6×6 posts: 15+; with 4×4 posts: 10+ Versai Iron: 20+

If I build it myself I how can you help?

We are a full service lumber yard with fencing experts that can help you through every step of the self-installation process.


How deep do you set the posts?Do you set them in concrete?

Post depth depends on the fence style and height. However, most fence posts are set at a depth of 30”. All posts are set in concrete.

What diameter of post hole do you recommend?

The diameter for post holes is approximately two times the width of the post.


How do I figure the materials I need to build a fence myself?

We can provide you with the description and quantity of pieces needed per section of a particular fence. Or, if you provide measurements, our qualified fencing specialists are happy to help you with calculating the materials you need.

Do you offer a service to cut my post tops?

Yes. We have a full service shop that offers beveled cuts, gothic or “crowned” tops, as well as many other custom lumber cuts. Cedar: with 6×6 posts: 15+; with 4×4 posts: 10+ Versai Iron: 20+

Care and Maintenance

What kind of maintenance is involved with cedar fencing?

Some of our customers prefer a rustic look for cedar and allow the fence to gray or “silver out” by not applying stains, paint, or sealants.Other customers want to keep their fence looking new or need a certain color to compliment their landscape and home.To maximize the time between applications we recommend purchasing a high quality stain.

Does my Trex Fence require Maintenance?

Trex does not require painting or staining for protection. Trex recommends a simple periodic cleaning to maintain the attractive nature of the fence.