Highland Springs Condo Association Fencing

CFC Fences and Decks had the pleasure of working with the board members and ultimately the property manager of the gated community of Highland Springs Town homes. The community had an architecturally stunning perimeter with beautiful landscape and a well planned layout. This landscape was framed by river rock columns and a wood fence complete with a decorative colonnade extending above an offset panel, that was unfortunately at the end of its useful life.

While the board agreed that it was time to do something about the fencing along 4500 South like many associations there were varied opinions about repair or replacement, the type of fencing that might replace the existing, when it would be appropriate to change out, overall cost, and how new fencing would look against the remaining wood and ornamental metal fencing that was still sound.
This is when Sherry one of the board members tasked with exploring the above questions started gathering information and exploring options with Chad at CFC Fences and Decks. In discussing the purpose of the fencing at their community other concerns surfaced like improving the level of privacy, sound cancellation properties, eliminating costly maintenance, and how various products would perform if tagged with graffiti.
While CFC provided a wealth of information by phone, e-mail, and website links, Sherry also took the initiative to inspect a number of Trex Fencing Installations in the general area to determine if a composite fence would meet their needs.
After an onsite inspection Chad confirmed that although repairing the fence was possible it was a costly option to delay the inevitable step of complete replacement. After receiving preliminary installation estimates and color samples Sherry was thrilled to discover that the Trex Seclusions Woodland Brown fencing matched the existing wood fencing that would remain until phase two of their plan.

Once Sherry presented her findings and recommendations to the board an onsite meeting with the board and Chad at CFC was scheduled. This is when Stuart acting president at the time expressed: “I appreciate the time and effort you have already expended working with us on this project.” While they had received competitive estimates from other companies they felt very comfortable with the professionalism and product knowledge of CFC. The board also agreed that CFC was best suited to figure out the best way to duplicate a colonnade element with the Trex product.
After a final presentation to the Highland Springs Board and Heather at Property Management Systems Inc. they decided to move forward with the project.
CFC’s Design team prepared drawings for the custom colonnade, and Bill from Highland Springs coordinated with Property Management Systems to set up the project.
Ultimately CFC Fences and Decks went the extra mile to deliver a product and a service that met the needs of the Highland Springs community.

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