Other Trex Items Available

Trex® Composite fencing is a very malleable material. We can offer many ancillary options to go with your project and will match your Trex® fence or Trex® deck or railing project.

We have in the past used Trex® Composite materials to build for customers raised flower bed and garden boxes that match their new Trex® Seclusions Composite Fence project.

We did a similar project to the raised garden boxes and flower beds where we used Trex® Composite material to build a sand box for a family. This raised box also surrounded the wooden play set/jungle gym for a play area for the family.

Another great idea to consider is using the Trex® Composite to build the large flower planters that are often placed at the corners of a garage. Again, these planter boxes would perfectly match your new Trex® Composite fence.

For your new Trex® Composite deck we have built in our shop a comfortable and very fashionable Trex® Adirondack chair for lounging and enjoying. A Trex® table could easily be included and placed between two Trex® Adirondack chairs on your front porch or back deck. Cleaning the chairs and table are very simple since they are made of the Trex® Composite material.

The list can literally go on and on from there. We have even built palm trees and birdhouses out of the Trex® Composite fencing and decking materials. Our shop has craftsmen who can build nearly anything one could imagine for their landscaping features or outdoor living area fixtures that will match their fence and/or deck using the Trex® Composite materials.

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