Recycling Old Wooden Fences

Recycled wood can be used in a variety of crafts and projects, and some people even pay for the wood from an old fence to be able to make those crafts and projects. If you are replacing your old wooden fence or just looking to get rid of it, you may consider some of the suggestions below before having it hauled off or taking it to the dump.

· Search local classifieds for wood scavengers who might be willing to haul it away or even pay for it.

· Make a mail box

· Make a picture frame

· Make a rustic looking bench

· Make a bird house, bird feeder, or squirrel feeder

· Use the wood for garden stakes

· Make planter boxes

· Use for a plank wall

· Make holiday decorations

· Make a dog house

The following are pictures of some projects that I have made with some old fence panels that we have taken down on job sites.

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